Agribusiness and Brazilian industries adopt blockchain, from orange juice to cotton

Brazilian agribusiness is increasingly adopting solutions based on blockchain technology, the same technology that gave life to Bitcoin (BTC), seeking to obtain greater control over the entire production process and also to reinforce sustainability practices in the production chain.

One of the big national companies to adopt blockchain recently was the citrus juice, one of the largest global producers of orange juice, which has been reinforcing the adoption of sustainable practices and for that, one of the fronts is the blockchain technology.

Through the system adopted by Citrosuco, the tool controls the entire process: from harvesting, processing in the three factories in São Paulo, to transport to the supermarket.

Second revealed to Estadão Tomás Balistiero, the company’s agricultural director, the reinforcement of Citrosuco in the ESG seeks to meet growing consumer demand, especially in Europe and the United States.

“These are demanding markets and the certification validates environmental practices”, says Balistiero.

Cotton producers who have entered into a partnership with textile industries and created the Sou ABR (Responsible Brazilian Cotton) Program are also adopting blockchains in their production chain. which will gather information on the origin and manufacture of products via blockchain technology.

According to the Rural Globe, the action involves the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (Abrapa), the Rio de Janeiro group Reserva, the AR&CO group and Renner.


Abrapa claims that the initiative is the first to promote traceability on a large scale in the national textile chain, whose objective is to offer transparency to the consumer, encourage more conscious choices, and supply the industry with raw material from producers committed to sustainability in the production chain.

“When it comes to sustainability, it is almost inevitable to associate it with the finished product. But it starts much earlier, as, for example, with the choice of raw material and, from there, it is expanded throughout the entire production process. The preference by certified and traceable cotton demonstrates a commitment not only to the quality of the products, but to a whole scenario of socio-environmental responsibility and transparency in the textile industry”, says Fernando Sigal, the Reserve’s product director.

To ensure traceability in the cotton production sector, the Sou ABR Program will count on the participation of EcoTrade, responsible for the platform.

“The technology provides digitization that makes information accessible and auditable at all stages of the process, ensuring reliability”, says Flávio Redi, CEO of EcoTrace.

As with other solutions of its kind, the end consumer will have access to information by reading a QR Code that will be on the packaging of the products.

The article also highlights that all items included in the traceability program use at least 70% cotton in their composition and obtain socio-environmental certification.

“The first ones were launched on October 7th, for the male audience of the Reserva store. Renner, on the other hand, will start participating, as of 2022, with a collection of women’s clothing”, he concludes.


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