Author of Pai Rico, Pai Pobre says bitcoin will be worth R $ 6.7 million in 5 years

Renowned personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki says that each bitcoin will reach a price well above expectations within half a decade.

In a new interview for Kitco NEWS, the author of the best-selling Pai Rico, Pai Pobre, reveals that he expects Bitcoin to grow by almost 2,000% in the coming years.

“I bought Bitcoin for $ 9,000. I wish I could have bought it for 10 cents, as many people did. But now I look like a genius because today it is around US $ 55,000… and I think it will go to US $ 1.2 million in another five years. ”

Kiyosaki says he intends to keep Bitcoin forever, citing the Gresham’s Law, which states that money that is stable in value or undervalued (good money) replaces money that loses value quickly or is overvalued (bad money) in the long run.

“The problem is very big… you know that our pensions are failing, baby boomers have no money. They closed the economy and will print another $ 1.9 trillion. So it never worked. It’s Gresham’s Law – bad money drives out good money [de circulação]. So when a guy like me puts my hand in a bitcoin, I’ll never spend it…

Bitcoin has not yet been tested, but that’s why I was happy to get some for $ 9,000, and I can buy some again today or tomorrow just because I’m more optimistic about it. ”

The cryptocurrency and metals investor blames much of the political and financial establishment for making decisions that, he said, are hurting people at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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“I really don’t like how they tool everyone. It makes me rich because you know that all CEOs take all this fake money and raise the stock price … But the working-class guy is screwing himself.

You know the person who works for money trying to pay the rent, trying … they can’t buy a house. They don’t buy stocks. They are just surviving on a day-to-day basis and the price of food keeps going up and all that. This is what happens when you print money. ”

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