Bitcoin market predicts BTC at half a million reais in 2022 and a 140% increase in another cryptoactive

The centralized brokerage Bitcoin Market has released a recent report on the cryptocurrency market with a 2021 lookback and predictions for 2022.

Among the most important predictions are the price of ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC).

For Ethereum, there is the challenge of abandoning traditional mining and delivering a solution with greater capacity, ETH 2.0. Therefore, its potential is greater considering the risk of delays in execution, from the current BRL 22,500 to BRL 54,000, an increase of 140%.” – states the report.

As for Bitcoin, an increase of 90% is expected to reach R$525,000 at the end of 2022.

“For now, the number of stores and services accepting payment in cryptocurrencies is not a measure of success. Anyway, it signals that we are still at an initial level of adoption. With this information in mind, it is possible to make a forecast for the closing of 2022 of Bitcoin close to R$ 525 thousand, an increase of 90%”, said MB.

Analysts at the brokerage say they predicted Bitcoin at R$250,000 by Dec 22, 2021, missing just 10%.

Bitcoin Market Betting Areas for 2022:

In addition to price forecasts, the report talks about some areas that the broker is betting on for the next year. Amongst them:

  • NFTs
  • metaverse
  • Crypto Games

games in style play to win, like Axie Infinity, received a great deal of attention during 2021, racking up millions of players and billions of dollars in cryptoactive moves.

“Crypto Games are games that reward performance in cryptocurrencies. For some, fun, for others, profit opportunity.”

Cointimes made a review video about some of these tokens, including the AXS, cited in the MB report. Check out:

Do you believe Bitcoin Market predictions? What’s your bet for the BTC price at the end of 2022?

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