Black Friday distributes R $ 540 thousand in cryptocurrencies for free and discounts of up to 50% to buy Bitcoin

Black Friday will officially take place this Friday (27) and can offer more than R $ 540 thousand in cryptocurrencies for free to traders and market investors. Besides that, in one of the promotions it will be possible to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with up to 50% discount.

Most promotions on the market offer discounts on the purchase of cryptocurrencies, in addition to reduced trading and withdrawal fees. However, with Black Friday it is also possible to win cryptocurrencies for free.

And in some cases, the promotion will be extended beyond the day known worldwide for offering discounts and advantages in the market. Thus, plus discounts and free cryptocurrencies, with Black Friday 2020 promotions traders can also contract loans with Bitcoin guarantee.

Black Friday with Bitcoin

Most companies operating in the Brazilian cryptocurrency market have announced promotions related to Black Friday, such as the Bitcoin Market.

THE exchange in Brazil will distribute up to R $ 250 to traders who deposit money on the platform. Called “Black Week”, the promotion of the Bitcoin Market will offer bonuses for deposits between R $ 100 and R $ 3 thousand on the platform.

In other words, whoever deposits R $ 3 thousand in the exchange must win the maximum bonus offered by the promotion, of R $ 250. Meanwhile, deposits of R $ 100 are entitled to R $ 10 for free.

Bitcoin market promotes Black Week (Reproduction)

Free cryptocurrencies

While the Bitcoin Market offers R $ 250 to users, at Binance traders can win more than R $ 530 thousand in prizes during Black Friday. According to the exchange’s promotion, the value will be distributed to traders who trade cryptocurrencies.

Thus, win free cryptocurrencies who trade at least $ 1,000 on the platform. Right after fulfilling the promotion requirements, users will participate in a drawing that will entitle them to compete for the prize.

In addition, whoever is drawn by Binance you can buy Bitcoin at a discount during Black Friday. Lasting until November 30, 2020, it will be possible to buy BTC at Binance with up to 50%, in addition to winning free cryptocurrencies.

Reduction of fees and courses on blockchain

THE Black Friday at NovaDAX started earlier than at other companies, on November 20th and resulted in a zero rate for traders trading cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Therefore, those who traded up to R $ 2,499 until November 19 were able to take advantage of negotiations with cryptocurrencies without fees. According to the exchange, this rate reduction will be maintained at 0.5% for these investors until December 23.

In addition to exchanges, other companies offer discounts and opportunities on Bitcoin-related Black Friday, such as the Blockchain Academy. The company has unmissable discounts on courses on blockchain technology.

Loan and cashback

The Black Friday promotion for the cryptocurrency market offers other types of advantages in addition to free Bitcoin and discount on purchases on exchanges. In the promotion presented by CoinGoBack, you will have a raffle of R $ 1,000 for users.

In addition to the draw that offers fractions of Bitcoin, the company has a cashback program with the return of part of the money spent on purchases and or services. In that case, cashback is offered in Bitcoin, and can yield some balance in cryptocurrencies for free.

On the other hand, anyone who does not want to spend the balance on cryptocurrencies during Black Friday can use the amount to apply for a loan at Rispar. With rates of 0.99% during the discount week, the platform offers collateralized loans in BTC.

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