Brazilian Exchange BitPreço draws Star Atlas game NFTs after listing ATLAS and POLIS tokens

The Brazilian BitPreço exchange will give away one NFT per day for the Star Atlas game.

The marketplace that connects cryptocurrency exchanges will make the first draws next Friday (26) in a celebration action.

The company celebrates the recent listing of ATLAS and POLIS tokens on the platform. The two cryptoactives are used in the game created in Solana’s blockchain.

The promotion runs until December 16th and information can be found at official promotion page.

The winners of the 21 NFT rarity ships will be announced by BitPreço social networks on 11/26, 12/3, 12/10 and 12/16.

With the holidays approaching, many companies in the cryptocurrency sector are running promotions to reward users and account holders and thus attract new customers.

This is the case of Banco Capitual, which will give R$30 in BTC to anyone opening an account at the institution.

The Cointelegraph also reported that a game that joins the metaverse and pays players in cryptocurrencies will give away NFTs for free in a mega airdrop this November.

Investors who are interested in this possible gamecoin market boom have the opportunity to earn free cryptocurrencies through an airdrop that will be performed by Phantom Galaxies, a game that unites metaverse, play-to-earn, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) , cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

And it’s also worth keeping an eye out for 5 cryptocurrencies that may airdrop in the near future.

Zapper.Fi,, Arbitrum, OpenSea and MetaMask would be moving to release tokens soon, benefiting their users with airdrops.


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