Brewpub paulistano offers cannabis-flavored beer

Jive Series: Cannabis seasoning Caravan Studio / Disclosure

The wave of cannabis has hit the beer market in Brazil (no double meaning, please). Taking advantage of the growing interest in the plant and its medicinal properties, the São Paulo brewpub Caravan Studio recently launched a line of beers seasoned with terpenes extracted from cannabis. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the aroma of various vegetables. In cannabis, they account for the characteristic odor of the plant and act as therapeutic adjuvants, enhancing the medicinal effects of the herb. Like cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes also have no psychoactive properties. Therefore, in Caravan beers they work only as “condiments”, to expand the consumer’s sensory experience.

After seeing brewers launching products with unusual ingredients such as condensed milk, watermelon and even crab (the latter homemade, I was informed), the appearance of the Caravan terpened line is not surprising. Especially for those who know that one of the main ingredients of beer, hops, responsible for the aroma and bitterness characteristic of the drink, is a raw plant of cannabis. In other words, many people may end up not knowing which of the cousins ​​is responsible for those herbal, citrus and earthy aromas that we feel in beers, especially in artisanal ones. One of the most common defects of the drink, manifests itself when the liquid gains excessive exposure to sunlight, producing skunk (skunk). Not by chance, this is also the name by which a specific variety of cannabis is known, precisely for the similarity of its odor with that of the stinky marsupial.

This is obviously not the case for Caravan products. According to brewmaster Jaimes Almeida Neto, one of the brewpub’s partners, cannabis terpenes are added to sour style beers, known for their sharp acidity and softer aromas. So, I believe (I haven’t tasted it yet), its aromas must stand out in the set. The special line was named Jive Series and includes four labels: Super Sour Diesel; Sour Tange; Sour Lemon Skunk and Maui Wowie. Terpenes are added during the beer maturation phase, when the drink is almost ready to be filled. The Caravan uses isolated terpenes extracted from hemp plants, produced by the American company True Terpenes, which specializes in these compounds for use in the food and beverage industry.

In times of social distance, Caravan is working with deliveries in the city of São Paulo through the website For R $ 100 it is possible to purchase a kit with four liters, one of each of the four versions of the terpened beers. The Caravan Studio is located at Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 589, in Pinheiros, west of the capital.

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