Burger King launches Fast Food for Dogs accepting Dogecoin in Brazil


The Shiba Inu meme coined in digital currency arrived at Burger King in Brazil. With a grilled meat-flavored dog biscuit, which can now be paid for with dogecoin, BK is no longer a fast food chain just for humans.

According to the advertisements reproduced on the company’s official Instagram account, it was hypocritical to call the dog my best friend and not share the Whopper, the chain’s main hamburger, with him. The new biscuit came to fix this.

Canine fast food with dog cryptocurrency

Called the Dogpper, the Whopper for dogs is now included in several combos so people with pets can share their snacks with the “dogs”. Even with the novelty, however, the entry of animals in Burger King restaurants is still prohibited due to current legislation. Thus, it is only possible to purchase Dogpper by home delivery.

Available in BK Delivery and delivery partners iFood, Rappi, Uber Eats and 99Food, everyone will go “dogrendo” to deliver the order to your door when triggered, says the ad.

But what catches our attention here is the main payment method, DOGE, the first dog cryptocurrency ever created.

“Now you buy DOGPPER with Dogecoins.”. Reproduction/BurgerKing.com.br

THE official ad page shows the instructions for ordering with cryptocurrency.

  1. Check the availability of delivery in your region, accessing here;
  2. Choose the amount of DOGPPER®;
  3. Fill out the registration (available from 7/26, from 11 am to 8 pm);
  4. Transfer the DOGE amount to our wallet;
  5. Wait for the contact to confirm and schedule the delivery!
  6. No DOGE? So ask for BRL!

The campaign also states that, in partnership with PetLove, part of the sale of the cookies will go to Non-Governmental Organizations that “defend the pet cause”.

Meanwhile, humans are on hold so they can pay for sandwiches directly with bitcoin.

To learn more about Dogecoin, the story, where it came from and what it is for watch the video below:

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