Bill that authorizes medicinal cultivation of cannabis is approved by the Chamber

The project that authorizes the release of controlled cultivation in Brazil from cannabis sativa for medicinal and scientific purposes was approved this Tuesday, 8, by the Chamber of Deputies. The text was being processed by a special commission, formed to analyze Bill 399/15, in conclusive character. So, the text was exempted from going through the […]

Bill will have little impact on the reality of cannabis in Brazil

Authorization for cannabis cultivation in Brazil has low potential to influence prices SBEC Archive/Divulgação Finally, the special committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved PL 399, which advances the regulation of medical cannabis in Brazil. In practice, the main change was the authorization for the cultivation of the herb in national territory, under numerous conditions […]

In audio, Jefferson says he broke up with his daughter in defense of cannabis

Former deputy Cristiane Brasil (PTB-RJ) next to her father, Roberto Jefferson Antonio Augusto / Chamber of Deputies Roberto Jefferson broke up with his daughter Cristiane Brasil because of her defense of the medical use of cannabis: “My daughter is away from me. Even my religion denied it. A relative is like a tooth, it bites […]

Discussion of PL authorizing cannabis cultivation is marked by confusion

The discussion of Bill 399/15, which can move towards the release of controlled cultivation in Brazil from cannabis sativa for medical and scientific purposes, it has been inflating the mood of parliamentarians, especially the government base. This Tuesday, the 18th, during the special commission that analyzes the PL, deputy Diego Garcia (Pode-PR) started towards the […]

House postpones vote on bill authorizing cannabis cultivation in the country

Deputy Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR), rapporteur of the bill Lúcio Bernardes Jr./Cmara de Deputados The special commission of Chamber of Deputies which analyzes the bill 399/15, which may authorize the cultivation of Cannabis sativa in Brazil, postponed, on Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday, the vote on the final report of deputy Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR) after almost 6 meeting […]

Bolsonaro attacks medical use of cannabis: ‘Cannabis can, chloroquine cannot’

O President Jair Bolsonaro In a conversation with supporters in front of the Palácio da Alvorada this Monday, the irony in the Chamber of Bill 399/2015, which regulates the marketing of medicines with extracts or parts of the marijuana plant for medical use. He compared cannabis sativa remedies in formulation to others used in early […]

Letter to the Reader: A necessary reflection

CURRICTION AND MONEY – Woodstock Festival and sale of marijuana seedlings abroad: thriving market – Photos by Bill Eppridge / The LIFE Picture / Getty Images and Gilberto Tadday /. Not long ago, talking about marijuana inevitably meant discussing its narcotic and addictive effects on users and the whole police aspect that involves illicit drugs […]

“Our goal is to sell cheap drugs,” says the CEO of Clever Leaves

– Clever Leaves / Disclosure “The pharmaceutical industry does not plant its inputs”. Supported by this premise, the American Kyle Detwiler, CEO of Clever Leaves, presents himself as the preferred farmer to supply inputs extracted from cannabis. “We have worked for more than four years and invested a quarter of a billion dollars to achieve […]

The neighbor’s cannabis is always greener

– Crystalweed / Reproduction After Anvisa started chasing importers and Abrace was almost forced to suspend its activities, it became even more clear that building a healthy cannabis market in Brazil will not be a simple task. While the country is getting lost in regulatory issues that harm thousands of patients and hinder promising initiatives, […]