Companies cannot offer cannabis products on the internet, says Anvisa

In the last few weeks, two publications by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) in the Federal Official Gazette drew the attention of the Brazilian medical cannabis sector. Within ten days, the agency said it had adopted “preventive enforcement measures” based on the ban on advertising for cannabis products. Actions were taken against two companies that […]

Cannabis giant shares rise 25% after deal with Brazilian company

Colombian plantation Clever Leaves / Clever Leaves / Press Release Shares in Nasdaq of Colombian Clever Leaves, one of the global giants in the medical cannabis sector, have risen 25% since last Tuesday. A first 10% peak occurred shortly after the announcement of a partnership with Brazilian biotech Entourage Phytolab, a pioneer in the development […]

Crivella, gays and marijuana | LOOK

Marcelo Crivella is campaigning to change the House bill that establishes penalties for several situations considered homophobic. For Crivella, the project is an attack on freedom of expression, a kind of gag law. Beauty. When asked, however, whether he is for or against carrying out marijuana marches, which have spread throughout the country, Crivella runs […]