check out 4 cashback programs that pay in Bitcoin in Brazil

Programs cashbacks are popularly known in the market for offering ‘cash back’ to users who make purchases with a credit and / or debit card.

However, in addition to cash, there are currently four cashback programs that offer rewards in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In some cases, the amount passed on to users may exceed 10%.

That is, on a purchase of R $ 1,000 with the card registered in the cashback program with a 1% return rate, for example, the user should receive R $ 10 in cryptocurrencies.

Money back with Alter

The digital bank Alter launched on Tuesday (12) a new Bitcoin cashback program in the cryptocurrency market. According to the company, the program called “CriptoBack” is the result of a partnership with the BitPreço marketplace.

Therefore, in the cashback program of Alter and BitPreço the user can earn 0.5% in Bitcoin back, for purchases made with the digital bank card, Altercard. However, if the consumer has an account with Alter and BitPreço, the amount transferred by the program increases to 0.75%.

In addition, there are cases where cashback delivered to Alter can reach 1% ‘cash back’ for users. In this case, the program value is changed only for customers who participated in the crowdfunding of the digital bank.

Alter bank cashback program

Zro Bank exceeds 100 thousand downloads

Prior to the digital bank’s cashback program Alter, Zro Bank launched a similar promotion in the market, with cryptocurrencies back to users.

As Cointelegraph reported, the platform created a cashback program where users could request the retroactive amount of purchases with the Zro Bank debit card.

As a result, andn three months more than one hundred thousand downloads of the digital banking application were carried out in Brazil. The Bitcoin program boosted the membership of the platform, which offers 0.5% cashback.


The program BitcoinBack was created by the exchange BitcoinTrade, which was recently sold to Argentina’s Ripio platform. In this case, the user earns Bitcoin with online purchases, in stores partnering with the ‘cash back’ promotion.

In some cases, with the BitcoinBack cashback program it is possible to earn up to 10% back in cryptocurrencies, just by making purchases for the internet. As partners, the program has stores like Carrefour, Americanas, Netshoes and Casas Bahia.


Like BitcoinTrack’s BitcoinBack, the promotion of CoinGoBack is related to the use of promotional links for purchases at partner stores of the platform.

With a cashback of up to 10.01%, CoinGoBack has stores like Renner, Netshoes, Extra and Submarino as partners. For purchases at the Extra supermarket, for example, the user can earn 2.0% back in cryptocurrencies.

In this program, the reward can also be offered in other types of cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoin. In this way, the consumer can choose to receive cashback in altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Pax Gold, and Nano.

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