Citi is working with METACO to develop and pilot cryptographic weapons storage capabilities

Citi is working with METACO to develop and pilot cryptographic weapons storage capabilities

Wednesday (June 22), multinational financial service Citigroup (“Citi”) announced a strategic partnership with a cryptographic booking startup METACO.

According to a 2014 METACO press release in Switzerland, “this collaboration combines METACO’s technology and digital solutions with Cit’s extensive storage network to develop a platform for customers to store and pay for digital assets seamlessly and securely.” Citi intends to “fully integrate METACO’s bank-level digital asset storage and orchestration platform, Harmonizeto develop and pilot digital storage facilities. “

Here are a few words From METACO for its main product:

METACO harmonizes is a digital property orchestration system. From cryptocurrency storage and trading to tokenization, investment and smart contract management – the platform seamlessly connects institutions to a new world of decentralized finance.

The platform will allow financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes – from small to large banks, custodians and companies – to immediately issue, store, trade and manage tokens, while ensuring that they are fully compliant.

Okan Pekin, Cit’s global director of securities services, said:

We are witnessing the increasing digitalisation of traditional investment assets alongside new original digital assets. We innovate and develop new features to support digital asset classes that are increasingly important to our customers.

And Adrien Treccani, CEO and Founder of METACO, added:

We are pleased to partner with Citin, one of the largest securities services companies, to support them in their vision to combine digital and traditional assets. This initiative is a defining moment for the market for the institutional introduction of digital assets.

h/t – CryptoGlobe

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