CLICK Announces Launch of Cannabis-Based Mouth Spray

CLICK Announces Launch of Cannabis-Based Mouth Spray

Innovative New Product Line Now Available at Select California Dispensaries and Delivery Services

From the land of sunshine and movie stars comes the latest in cannabis innovation for people who want the best cannabis has to offer. CLICK™, a Southern California-based consumer lifestyle sublingual cannabis company, today announced that its inaugural line of sublingual cannabis-based sprays is now available at select dispensaries and delivery services throughout California.

CLICK is for everyone. It’s for people who just want to feel good regardless of the situation or time of day. It’s about living life to the fullest while feeling completely normal. CLICK is for millennials, boomers and everyone in between. From artists and entrepreneurs to gig workers and those trying to capture their dream, CLICK has something for everyone.

Backed by industry insiders, CLICK simplifies the cannabis experience. Simply spray under the tongue and feel effects in as little as six to eight minutes. CLICK’s unique formulation offers control for how much cannabis our customers consume, and the discreet patent-pending bottle design allows CLICK to go wherever they go.

“Right now we have an opportunity to move away from the stigma of administering cannabis by smoking and vaping to a much cleaner, discrete and fun way of experiencing the benefits,” said CLICK Director of Marketing Jared Gray. “As cannabis becomes a larger part of mainstream culture, we hope CLICK will empower consumers to navigate the rapidly growing industry with confidence.”

Each bottle of CLICK is packed with 200mg of cannabinoids which delivers 80 2.5mg sprays in total. The inaugural line features four great-tasting products:

  • GO THC – Pep-A-Mint Flavor with Green Tea Extract: Made with the highest grade of THC and paired with uplifting icy-cool peppermint and all-natural green tea extract, GO is perfect for people who want the active and energy-enhanced effects that cannabis can provide.
  • RESTORE 1:5 – Lemon Ginger Grass Flavor with Boswellia: Custom-built for those who want to restore their body through the power of cannabis and other natural products,  RESTORE strategically combines several ingredients such as THC, CBD, revitalizing all-natural lemongrass extract, calming ginger, and anti-inflammatory Boswellia.
  • CHILL 2:1 – TropiCali Flavor with L-Theanine: CHILL uses the synergy between the antioxidant and immunity-boosting properties of all-natural pineapple extract and the probiotic powerhouse effects of mango, as well as L-theanine for heart and brain health and the Vitamin B and C rich properties of passion fruit, to achieve the perfect blend for those looking for a “whole-lotta-relax” in a super small dose.
  • DREAM 1:2 – Midnight Mint Flavor with Melatonin: Fall into a deep sleep with the deep-sleep inducing effects of melatonin and aromatic and digestive-aids found in spearmint along with THC and CBD. DREAM is designed to give you the rest you deserve.

Along with industry veterans, professional athletes and influencers; the Company will continue to seek additional investment from proven and strategic investors dedicated to pursuing the vision of a healthier and easier way to consume cannabis.

About CLICK™

Founded in California, CLICK™ is an innovative leader in cannabis sublingual offerings. Its products are specifically designed to complement its customers’ lifestyle with their fast-acting features, great taste and ability to fit in the palm of your hand. When sprayed under the tongue, CLICK™ products deliver approximately 2.5mg of cannabis with each pump. Consumers will feel the effects of any of the four formulations GO, RESTORE, CHILL, and DREAM in as little as six to eight minutes. As small as a tube of chapstick, CLICK™ is discreet and designed to join you wherever life leads.


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