Altcoins rise as analyst warns Bitcoin is between $ 50,000

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is still stuck in what traders expect to be a short-term bearish trend, as the impact of the April 18 rumors of a crackdown on “unidentified financial institutions” for facilitating money laundering money using cryptocurrencies has not yet been eliminated. Data from Cointelegraph Markets It’s from TradingView show that, since […]

NYSE President is optimistic about Coinbase’s listing

Thomas Farley, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, said the world of finance has “gone a long way” in cryptocurrencies after Coinbase’s public listing last week. In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on Thursday, Farley said who was excited to talk about developments in the digital asset space, like Coinbase’s COIN listing on […]

Ripple co-founder thinks Bitcoin should move away from Proof of Work

Bitcoin code contributors need to consider a move away from the cryptocurrency’s proof-of-work consensus mechanism, argued Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen. In a blog post on Wednesday, Larsen described the main vulnerabilities related to PoW, observing the growing concerns about Bitcoin’s carbon footprint. According to the executive, PoW-based currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) should consider a code […]

Ethereum’s rise against Bitcoin accelerates with BTC dominance reaching its lowest level since 2018

The price of Ether (ETH) is green on its Bitcoin (BTC) pair, reaching the highest levels since the beginning of February. Given the technical breakdown of the ETH / BTC pair, traders are starting to expect a strong recovery in the short term future. During the first two weeks of April, ETH’s performance was surpassed […]

Syntropy (NOIA) price rises 65% after SpaceX partnership announcement

In the frenzy of a booming market, where new projects are popping up daily and social media users rummage through their feeds to try to catch the next coin that goes to the moon before it pumps and empties, it can be a challenge to find projects with long-term viability that also have significant appreciation […]

MakerDAO seeks to expand its guarantees and improve its settlement mechanism

The decentralized loan protocol and stablecoin MakerDAO opened the governance vote to allow new tokens as collateral. Several new types of guarantee have been proposed for MakerDAO, potentially increasing the number of digital assets that can now be used to coin its stablecoin, Dai. The voting started on Monday and will last 14 days. Seven […]

Ethereum expected to exceed $ 4,000 by the end of July, says Coin Bureau

The popular cryptocurrency analyst Coin Bureau explain why you see Ethereum (ETH) reaching the $ 4,000 level by the end of July. In a new video, pseudonym trader Guy begins by noting the massive increase in active addresses on the Ethereum network. ‚ÄúRecently, the demand for the Ethereum chain has increased. You just need to […]

miner finds R $ 70,000 in Dogecoin (DOGE) after checking his forgotten portfolio in time

As much as the Dogecoin price (DOGE) is in great devaluation this Tuesday (20), finding a wallet with almost R $ 70 thousand in Dogecoins must be an indescribable sensation. According to a publication in the Facebook, a miner found a portfolio with more than 40 thousand units of Doge. With this huge amount in […]

Bitcoin whales move R $ 45.5 billion in cryptocurrencies today and worries investors

As much as the Bitcoin price (BTC) has apparently found support at $ 56,000, a movement of whales in the market has worried some cryptocurrency investors. According to a publication in the Bitcoin and Altcoins Graphical Analysis group on Facebook, in the last 24 hours, several whales have moved more than R $ 45 billion […]