Don’t get excited about Bitcoin’s recovery, it could crash again, analyst warns

Bitcoin ( BTC ) rebounded to close to $50,000 on Dec. 5 as traders continued to assess recent events. BTC / USD 1 Hour Candle Chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView The data of the Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView followed a less volatile BTC/USD as it rose to $49,777 on Bitstamp before consolidation. fresh out of […]

Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs register a 103% increase in 5 months and dominate in Brazil as the most profitable of 2021, according to a study

ETFs traded on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, B3, which offer exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have appreciated by more than 103% in just 5 months and were elected the most profitable in Brazil by a study by Economatica. The two QR Asset Management ETFs lead the ranking being the QBTC11, the first 100% […]

Which assets to keep an eye on based on recent whale movement, according to analysis house

Monitoring the behavior of whales (large investors) is an effective method for traders to find points where assets may be about to experience a price hike or, alternatively, an eviction. As the cryptocurrency market is this ocean where sardines, whales and other agents of the ecosystem move transparently; below, the analysis company sanctity highlighted three […]

Brasileiro creates the country’s first tokenized joint stock company

the brazilian Michel Vitale became the first businessman in the country to create a tokenized corporation in Brazil, the Trustt Digital, Curitiba company specializing in business structuring and asset digitization. As revealed by Vitale, the company uses blockchain throughout the process of registering shares, which are tokenized and, in this way, while in the traditional […]

Is it the end of the Bitcoin boom? Cryptocurrency drops below $47,000, wiping out October earnings

Bitcoin ( BTC ) suddenly dropped below $47,000 on December 4, losing nearly 20% in the past 24 hours. That makes this the biggest one-day drop since May 15, when the price of Bitcoin momentarily dropped to nearly $33,000. The BTC market price dropped 26.4% from the one-week support of $57,206 to drop to $42,268 […]

Mbox, a metaverse supported by Binance, launches a free NFT game that you use in the game and also does cryptocurrency mining

O Mobox, metaverse platform supported by Binance, announced the official launch of the first phase of its metaverse, MoMoverse, launching in the Binance ecosystem and which is only available through the official exchange app. To participate in the launch of this first phase interested parties must register through the game platform hosted on the Binance […]

Ethereum acts as a ‘hedge’ in the fall of Bitcoin prices when the ETH/BTC reaches a 3-year peak

The Ether ( ETH ) plummeted along with other cryptocurrencies on December 4th. Still, his downside didn’t stop him from hitting a three-year high against Bitcoin ( BTC ), the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The ETH/BTC rate jumped just over 11.5% to hit 0.0835 BTC for the first time since May 2018. The […]

Bitcoin plummets to $42,000, altcoins melt into double digits

Representation of blood. Photo: Unsplash The cryptocurrency market woke up awash in blood, with bitcoin dropping to a two-month low of $42,000. Now prices have rebounded to $46,000, indicating high volatility, but all major cryptos are still in the red. Larger cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and recent price change. Source: Coingolive. Bitcoin prices have experienced […]

20% drop in Bitcoin will not affect the potential of the metaverse’ says an analyst highlighting the 3 platforms with the greatest potential in the market

Bitcoin price (BTC) dropped more than 20% this Saturday, 04, reaching US$ 42,000. However, although the largest cryptocurrency on the market has recovered some of the bleed, returning to US$47,000, thehe investors are apprehensive and begin to evoke the possibility of a new bear market as it happened in 2018. However for Guy, presenter of […]

El Salvador buys another 150 Bitcoin after BTC price drops below $50,000

The Republic of El Salvador acquired 150 Bitcoin (BTC) amid the biggest bear market since Bitcoin hit an all-time high of nearly $68,000 in the first week of November. Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced the purchase of 150 BTC as the market price momentarily dropped below $50,000 after losing more than 15% in market value. […]