Cardano fails again and is obliterated by the market crash

The Cardano community and the rest of the cryptocurrency industry were excited when smart contracts were enabled on the Cardano network (ADA) following the Alonzo update last year. However, there have been some “minor” problems since then. Mainly regarding the launch of the SUNDAE token on SundaeSwap which boosted the price of ADA to US$ […]

And now, who will come to save us? Analysts Point to Bitcoin’s Future After the 2022 Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) weakness in holding the $40K level took the market by surprise and took the value of the largest cryptocurrency market is down more than 44% from its all-time high of $69,000. Now, after the crash, analysts are back on charts looking to understand Bitcoin’s next moves, and with it, the general trend of […]

Reddit Users Share Their Thoughts on the 44% Drop in Bitcoin Price

Many cryptocurrencies turn to social media on Friday for their frustrations with the state of cryptocurrencies. A Reddit user named imyourkingg allegedly invested 30% of your net worth in Bitcoin ( BTC ) a few months ago, saying: “I don’t need that money scared in the next 5-10 years, but I have to admit that […]

NFTFY in the NFTs and Capitual market extends zero rate campaign

The Brazilian platform NFTFY, specialized in developing solutions for NFTs, recently underwent a Series A investment round that raised funds to expand the company’s operations. One of NFTFY’s solutions is the fractionalization of NFTs through decentralized systems. Also according to NFTFY, from the protocol, it is possible to develop numerous other products and services on […]

El Salvador buys another $15 million in Bitcoin and accumulates a 24% loss

The new profile picture of Nayib Bukele, dressed as a McDonalds employee. Playback/Twitter. Cheered by some and criticized by others, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has been buying bitcoin with the country’s treasury in a quest to settle BTC lows. See El Salvador’s shopping history first. On September 6, on the eve of the “Bitcoin […]

Bolsonaro to sign law for regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies this year

The cryptocurrency movement in 2021 was very oscillating around the world. There were those who made Bitcoin (BTC) a legal currency in the country, in the case of El Salvador, and who totally abolished the cryptoeconomy of its scenario, like China. In Brazil, the debate for the creation of rules for Bitcoin (BTC) has been […]

3 emerging gaming projects to keep an eye on in 2022

Blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming had a standout year in 2021, and as the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves in 2022, the P2E gaming industry and those investing in it will need to consider what the next steps are. . During bull markets, speculation and euphoria can lead to unrealistic valuations and expectations, and this appears to have […]

Companies shouldn’t turn metaverse opportunities into ‘frills’, says Singularity University professor

In interview to the Technology and Innovation Editor at Forbes Brazil, journalist Luiz Gustavo Pacete, published this Friday (21), Singularity University professor Ricardo Cavallini presented some reflections on the metaverse, Web3 and other current technological “trends”. In the opinion of Cavallini, author of six books in the area of ​​technology, business and innovation, some companies, […]


Bitcoin (BTC) and most major altcoins continue to witness a bloodbath on January 21 and the result of the most recent slowdown has been a $200 billion reduction in market capitalization. A new report by Huobi Research, in collaboration with Blockchain Association Singapore, predicts that Bitcoin will enter a bear market in 2022. The liquidity-tightening […]