‘No discussion’, Bitcoin will increase 20-fold, says gold industry expert

Gold Bullion International co-founder Dan Tapiero believes it is only a matter of time before the price of Bitcoin (BTC) reaches the six-digit level. Speaking to Anthony Pompliano on the Pomp Podcast, Tapiero stated that in terms of price appreciation, Bitcoin is king, although he believes that investors should own both gold and Bitcoin: “In […]

3 reasons why Bitcoin faces a major hurdle at $ 20,000

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) reached $ 19,469 at Coinbase, reaching its highest point since the December 2017 high. Although the dominant cryptocurrency is close to breaking its record, there are some signs of alert to be observed. Three possible reasons why Bitcoin faces the possibility of a $ 20,000 setback: a trap, overload resistance […]

Bitfy CEO tells how he “lost” 1200 bitcoins, watch

Bitfy CEO Lucas Schoch has not yet started in the bitcoin market with his payment facilitating portfolio. Schoch started in this market in 2011, however he was not a holder or thinking about future Bitcoin price speculation. He was interested in something else: World of Warcraft. See the story he told on the podcast Satoshi […]

VanEck: Bitcoin is “less volatile than many” stocks

The German asset management company VanEck has released new research showing that Bitcoin’s price movements are less volatile than between a quarter and a third of the shares listed on the S&P 500. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has long been considered an asset that is early in its infancy and very volatile, compared to traditional stock […]

Binance offers R $ 530 thousand in cryptocurrencies for free and up to 50% discount to buy Bitcoin

Black Friday week can yield free cryptocurrencies for traders in Brazil operating in the market through Binance. In total, the exchange intends to deliver more than R $ 530 thousand in Bitcoin (BTC) through sweepstakes. Besides that, the promotion of Binance for the week of Black Friday intends to offer up to 50% discount for […]

Brazilian company is distributing up to R $ 1,000 in Bitcoin this Black Friday

Cashback programs, quite popular in the United States and Europe, have been gaining strength in Brazil and already have many supporters and participating companies. Cashback is a loyalty program where the customer receives part of the money they spent back. With an eye on this market that grows year after year, CoinGoBack was launched to […]

4 tips to prevent phishing attacks

Many cryptocurrency owners fall prey to common cryptocurrency theft schemes, including phishing traps. How can the average cryptocurrency user identify and prevent these attacks to prevent potential loss of funds? Know the source Phishing emails are sometimes successful in their attempts to trick users into downloading programs, clicking on something they shouldn’t be, or just […]

Elon Musk earns $ 93 billion in one day and can beat Bill Gates among the richest in the world

The CEO of Tesla and other technology companies, Elon Musk profited more than $ 93 billion in a single day from the rise in Tesla shares. In this way the personal fortune of the entrepreneur is alreadyexceeds US $ 121 billion and, soon, he could surpass legendary Microsoft founder Bill Gates. In less than 1 […]

PayPal CEO talks about Bitcoin in national chain, see what he said

In an interview with CNBC, Dan Schulman, PayPal’s CEO, was asked about the value of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency recently adopted by the international payments company. He also explained why his company is going headlong into the crypto market. The video was shared on Twitter by Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, who said: “The […]

US exchange volume remains below previous highs, even with price rally

The volumes of US-based exchanges are below previous highs in June 2019 and late 2017 / early 2018 – the last time Bitcoin reached these price levels, according to data analyzed by Tradeblock. In addition, investor interest in Google’s search for Bitcoin also remains well below the highs reached in 2017, when the asset reached […]