What went wrong? DeFi 2.0 symbol, OlympusDAO drops 94% and is accused of being a pyramid scheme

The OlympusDAO (OHM) was created to break the dependence of first generation mercenary liquidity providers on decentralized finance (DeFi). The whole idea behind OlympusDAO is for the protocol itself to own and sustainably control its liquidity. If the idea alone sounded sensational, the execution was beyond expectations. Four weeks after its launch in March of […]

ZeFi launches unprecedented cashback system that reinvests money in DeFi pool

The ecosystem of ZCorewhich is integrated by several decentralized finance solutions grouped around the protocol ZeFiannounced the launch of a unprecedented cashback system that reinvests the money received back from the user in a DeFi pool. As he explained to Cointelegraph Eric Costafounder of ZCore, To gain access to the system, interested parties must download […]

Neymar jumps on the NFT bandwagon and shells out $1.1 million for two ‘bored monkeys’

Two of the 10,000 coveted copies of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token collection (NFT) now belong to Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star Neymar Jr. The player took to Twitter this Thursday (20) to announce that he joined the bandwagon of the NFTs by saying that he bought two copies of the […]

7 More Fun Games Than Axie Infinity To Play And Earn Money Immediately

THE latest report from Dapp Radar on the behavior of users of products based on blockchain technology revealed that, at the end of last year, games play-to-earn accounted for 52.4% of the daily active unique addresses of the entire cryptocurrency industry, surpassing the DeFi market. In its projections for 2022, the report states that the […]

Institutional pension entities still cannot invest in bitcoin, says expert

According to the resolution 4661 of the CMN (Conselho Monetário Nacional), the guidelines for the application of resources guaranteeing the plans managed by closed supplementary pension entities still do not admit investments in bitcoin – which ends up holding back the adoption by the institutional ones. Cointimes then sought explanations for this obstacle. According to […]

Former CTO of Anheuser-Busch InBev joins Marvin and Illios will spread Helium network in Brazil

THE marvin, a fintech of B2B means of payment, made two rounds of funding attracting contributions from the manager Mauá Capital and the venture capital fund Canary. In parallel, the company started to assemble a committee with names in the market that participate more actively in the company’s strategic discussions. Along these lines, the startup […]

Metaverse cryptocurrency LOKA rises 2,000% in 5 minutes on Binance debut

The cryptocurrency LOKAfrom the game League of Kingdoms, went up over 2000%% in less than 5 minutes this Thursday, 20th, after the crypto asset debuted on Binance. Exchange customers, through Launchpad, were able to buy the token for $0.16 before the cryptocurrency’s debut on the exchange and, within the first few minutes of trading, the […]

3 Reasons It’s Still a Good Time to Buy Virtual Land in the Metaverse

The metaverse was the last Eldorado of an exceptional year for the cryptocurrency market. The announcement that Facebook would change its name to Meta to focus on the development of features of what Mark Zuckerberg qualified as the next generation of the internet happened precisely in a moment of euphoria between the two renewals of […]

Billionaire investor names 5 altcoins with great upside potential

While the price of Bitcoin (BTC) seems to lack the strength to start a new bullish move and has been recording highs more and more, billionaire cryptocurrency investor and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, highlighted that he sees great upside potential in some altcoins. According to him, investors need to separate projects that are really […]