Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ feathers ruffled, leaves the game after Bills team smothering

The owner of NFL team Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, is in an exceptional mood every time his team wins, it seems. After the crushing defeat against the Buffalo Bills, Jerry Jones was distraught and clearly in a bad mood.

He was seen leaving the AT&T stadium as soon as the Buffalo Bills dismantled the Dallas Cowboys gameplay at the Thanksgiving game on Thursday. He could not continue to watch the team as they each reacted, and so left within minutes of the game was over. The Buffalo Bills, on the other hand, rang in a touchdown after touchdown, leaving the Dallas team scrambling with their weak defense.

The Bills really dug deep with the wide-open touchdown passes. Double-reverse plays from their receiver, Andre Roberts, the ball went to their wide receiver, John Brown, who then passed it, or rather hurled it downfield to the running back, Devin Singletary who was wide open and reaching for a certain touchdown.

Jones was so disappointed with the game that he had tears in his eyes as he spoke at a post-game interview about how the Bills team was in for a certain win this game and made for a hard team to beat. However, he reinstated that he did believe in the team he had. He said, “That [game] certainly was something that causes you to have to check, causes you to reach deep to find out what you’re thankful for.”



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