Dan Taipero says Bitcoin ($ BTC) "can't die because it never dies in all places at once"

Dan Taipero says Bitcoin ($ BTC) “can’t die because it never dies in all places at once”

Dan Tapiero, a veteran global macro investor and founder of Gold Bullion International (GBI), has stated on social media that Bitcoin is not just about the United States, nor is it a U.S.-related investment.

In a tweet shared with Tapiero’s 95,000 followers on a microblogging platform, the investor pointed out that BTC is “the first truly global macro investment” and that it “can’t die because it never dies everywhere”.

Tapieron’s tweet was accompanied by data showing that Google’s search interest in the word “Bitcoin” is strong in several countries around the world, with El Salvador leading the ranks. El Salvador will lead when it passed a law that will make Bitcoin a legal tender in the country late last year.

Tapiero’s tweet uses data taken from Google Trends, which shows that searches for the keyword “Bitcoin” have recently reached a peak they hadn’t seen in the last 12 months, even though the flagship of cryptocurrencies ran over $ 60,000 late last year.

Google Trends uses a directory-like approach to describe search interest, but does not show exact figures. Nevertheless, it shows that interest in cryptocurrency has risen from 38 to 100 in the last two weeks, a total of 100 interest has not been so high for a long time.

Bitcoin’s search interest has grown since the cryptocurrency price dropped to its lowest level below $ 18,000, reaching a new all-time high of nearly $ 70,000 at the end of last year. BTC has since recovered and is now trading at $ 21,300 CryptoCompare information.

Data from Google Trends apparently reflects the anxiety seen in the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks, and interest in cryptocurrencies has grown as even the number of “Bitcoin dead” searches has exploded.

In 2019, Tapiero suggested that Bitcoin be a “truth machine” because it’s “a way to eliminate all human fraud or lying … I mean the whole bigger concept of security, confirmation, competence, security … That’s what you buy again.”

During his 20-year career, Tapiero has worked as a portfolio manager and analyst with several well-known investors, including Stan Druckenmiller (Duquesne Capital), Michael Steinhardt (Steinhardt Capital), Julian Robertson (Tiger Management), Steve Cohen. (SAC Capital) and Lord Rothschild (RIT Capital).

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