Eagles’ Carson Wentz will undergo additional tests on hand despite X-rays being negative

The Philly Eagles have seen their second back-to-back loss in Week 12, because of the uneven play of Carson Wentz. As the team hopes to climb out of their 5-6 hole and second place in the NFC East, they will need to improve their play severely from the side of their franchise quarterback.

First, it was assumed that they would have to worry only about his health to allow him to be available. Wentz had undergone X-rays after the team’s 17-9 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12. Though the results of this were negative, he was still asked to undergo several other tests to rule out any potential issues that could come up. what is more worrisome for the team is that the issues may pertain to Wentz’s throwing hand which was wrapped as he left Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

Wentz does not believe that this is an issue at all, but maintains that the team will have to wait and see.

Aside from his potential injury, Wentz did not play up to his potential before either. His final stat line seems to deceive as a large chunk of his yardage came too late in the fourth quarter. By this point, the Seahawks had already secured a victory over Philly.

The headlines for Wentz were the three fumbles on his part of which two were lost, and two interception, as he continued to mess up turnovers and showed inaccuracies in his game.

Addressing the media, he admitted that he needed to be better as a player and as a leader for the team. He agreed to have to protect the ball better. He said, “It starts with me. It starts with me and I’m frustrated. I know everyone’s frustrated with this loss offensively.”

Wentz seems anxious to prove himself on the field, and will be able to redeem himself in Monday’s game.


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