Georgia House Committee Approve Resolution For Gambling

Members of the House in Georgia have sent their seal of approval to the proposal that allows voters to make the decision on whether any form of gambling will be legal in the state or not.

The resolution requested a referendum in the State of Georgia for sports betting, casinos, and horse racing, etc, across the state, was passed by the House Regulated Industries Committee on Monday. The same committee voted in March on the legalization of gambling but the vote could not make it to the House due to the Covid-19 warranted social distancing protocols which have caused a three-month break for staffers.

Since this is the last week for the legislative session of the year 2020, supporters have added the legislation to a traffic citation bill – GA HB 903 – which is close to being declared a law. This comes after the Senate panel had signed off on a proposal that allowed sports betting in the state on Friday. This will now be put to vote by all members of the State Senate.

While many favor the legalization of gambling in the Peach State including government representatives, and owners of professional teams, Rep. Ron Stephens, R-Savannah, has said that those against the move should give the people a chance to choose via a vote.

The opposition comes from those who believe that gambling will increase the crime rate in the State. It is yet to be seen whether Georgia will be joining the bandwagon of legal sports betting any time soon.



Andrew Harmon

In a state which does not look kindly towards Casino, but a market which makes allowance for all, Andrew has his job cut out for him. He writes on casino culture, the new state-imposed rules and limitations, brand new attractions and safe gambling outlets in the United States. Do not think this column is all for fun, though. Sports betting is a largely unexplored part of the economy which Andrew talks about through following the passing of regulations in one state, and then another.

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