Georgia lawmakers hear input on casino gambling

Just ahead of Georgia’s 2020 legislative session, voters have expressed their concerns on expanding gambling in the state.

The Atlanta Motor Speedway presented drafts for a casino resort. The racetrack hosted a public forum on Thursday to hear the thoughts of lawmakers and voters.

Middle Georgia lawmakers say they are working hard to get gambling on the ballot in May.

The issue of expanding gambling in Georgia has voters split.


Atlanta Motor Speedway plans to add a casino resort to the racetrack. The draft includes a concert venue, a water parks and a night club.

Milledgeville Representative Rick Williams is not a gambler. However, with a potential $1 billion for the state’s treasury, he questions “how can you not be in favor of casinos?”

Both Representative Williams and Dale Washburn agree that revenue should go towards healthcare.

“I believe healthcare continues to be a big need for us. It is something we should consider,” Washburn said.

Voters like Juan aren’t against gambling resorts. However, he has concerns about the impact a resort will have on racing.

“[With] events running casinos, water parks, and tourists running 24/7 — how’s that going to impact the driver events going on here?” Juan asked.

Those voters working in hospitality and construction are excited about employment opportunities.

“There’s no jobs here to fit what I do and knowing that there’s an opportunity here to have a job here, it’ll help fix my transportation issue,” a voter said.

Before lawmakers vote to put gambling on May’s ballot, they need to vote to amend the constitution.

The 2020 legislative session begins on Monday.


Andrew Harmon

In a state which does not look kindly towards Casino, but a market which makes allowance for all, Andrew has his job cut out for him. He writes on casino culture, the new state-imposed rules and limitations, brand new attractions and safe gambling outlets in the United States. Do not think this column is all for fun, though. Sports betting is a largely unexplored part of the economy which Andrew talks about through following the passing of regulations in one state, and then another.

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