Ghostery launches Midnight for privacy and ad-blocking beyond the browser

Ghostery launches Midnight for privacy and ad-blocking beyond the browser

A New Update speaks of the new tool called “Midnight”, launched by Ghostery. This tool is designed to bring the company’s ad-blocking as well as privacy protection features available to all the desktop applications. It was earlier this year when Ghostery announced Midnight. The company created this Midnight tool because the desktop apps especially email clients were using a lot of the same web tracking technologies outside the browser, said, President Jeremy Tillman.

As per the company’s update, Midnight is designed to block ads & data trackers in email clients such as entertainment services such as Spotify, Microsoft Outlook, and other desktop apps including the web browsers that do not support the Ghostery extension. With Midnight you will also be able to see which apps are trying to track you, allowing you to customize which apps get blocked or whitelisted.

In addition to these features, Midnight includes a VPN (a virtual private network) that can encrypt and anonymize all the online activities. Tillman said that many of the Ghostery users already use a VPN, but the purpose behind the development of Midnight was to integrate their entire ecosystem.

Costing – Midnight tool is available for $14 per month after the free trial of 7-days. 

Midnight being Ghostery’s most comprehensive product, Tillman mentioned that the team will continuously support the free browser extension. To this, he also said, “is always going to be the tip of the spear” in bringing in new users.”


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