Gov. Stitt offers extension in casino negotiations

Gov. Stitt offers extension in casino negotiations

Tulsa, Okla. Gov. Kevin Stitt finally stated that the state is now offering the extension to all the tribal leaders to carry out the casino negotiations. This decision has been taken at an impasse over whether the 15-year agreement allowing casino gambling expires on 1st Jan 2020 or not. 

Stitt says that the agreements remain the same and it expires on 1st Jan, however, he also mentioned his interest in renegotiating for the larger slice of the revenue generated via casinos. On this, the Tribal leader has shown their willingness to renegotiate the fees, but, first, they want Stitt to reconsider his decision on the renewal of the agreement as it will help them keep the business running without any disputes.  

On the statement of Tribal Leaders, Stitt said – “I want the business to continue as usual while we resolve this dispute. You know, as we approach the holidays and enter into 2020, I want the banks, the alcohol vendors, the food vendors, the entertainers, and the workers to have certainty and assurance that they can continue to engage in business while the state works to negotiate in good faith with our tribal partners about what gaming looks like for the next 15 years.

Following his statement, he said that “I also want to ensure that the revenues of the state, that the state receives under the current contract, continues to be available to fund the state services that we provide to all Oklahomans”. 

His decision of offering the extension in part is because of the varying needs of the tribes. He mentioned how it is difficult for him to address all those needs before the end of the year. As per the updates, The governer Stitt has also planned to take over direct negotiations from Attorney General Mike Hunter, and come in front of this matter. 


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