How to invest in bitcoin even with little money


The price of 155,000 reais per bitcoin may scare some novice investors, but it is always good to remember that the divisibility of cryptocurrency allows anyone to own some fractions, no matter how small the invested capital.

In case you didn’t already know, each BTC is made up of 100 million currency units called satoshis. This means that it is possible to buy and save as little as R$100, R$50, or even R$1 of bitcoin in a digital wallet. Therefore, It’s a myth that only the rich have enough to invest in bitcoin.

It doesn’t take much to buy bitcoin

The truth is that this revolutionary technology has great potential to help the very poorest people. We explain this further in the article “How Central Banks Increase Inequality“.

Taking divisibility into account, it’s also a myth that bitcoin isn’t worth it anymore because its price is “too high,” while altcoins that cost pennies are more likely to multiply equity.

There is no evidence that small cryptocurrencies see a more advantageous risk-return ratio than bitcoin. Furthermore, the lower cost often only reflects a higher offer, which does not mean a strong and clear rationale.

In this text, we show 3 ways to start accumulating value in BTC for the future, even with little money.

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From R$50 on Coingoback

Recently, the well-known bitcoin and cryptocurrency cashback platform has evolved and integrated the easy bitcoin purchase. On this page, you can use your Coingoback account to purchase BTC fractions starting at 50 reais.

This, by the way, is one of the only ways to buy bitcoin with a credit card. But take into account that when paying with PIX, there is the benefit of a 2% cashback. Just read the instructions carefully before finalizing your purchase.

Easy purchase on Coingoback

However, if you, like me, use the “Dollar-Cost Averaging” (DCA) strategy, also known as “average price”, you can opt for monthly signature of bitcoin. Called Coingoback Loop, the service offers a form of payment by credit card, and deducts R$ 100 (in the smallest subscription option) every month on your bill. This is probably the easiest way to accumulate bitcoin without worrying about short-term fluctuations.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount you’ve accumulated, you can withdraw (at low rates) even through Lightning Network, a scalability solution that delivers fast and inexpensive transfers.

From R$20 on Foxbit

If you are a beginning investor, you may be just learning the concept of a stockbroker. To help you with that, we recommend a safe broker with a long history of operation, Foxbit. Founded in 2014, the foxbit is one of the oldest and most respected Brazilian exchanges.

In it, the minimum deposit is 20 reais, and via PIX the amount can be transferred at any time of the day and even on weekends. This is a safe and reliable way to accumulate satoshis, the only downside is having to accumulate enough to be worth paying the bitcoin withdrawal fee.

From R$1 at Bipa

THE beep is a mobile app that provides a solution to buy and sell bitcoin in a simple way. With this option, you buy and sell from 1 real.

Although the fee is 1.5% for trading, this app allows you to withdraw via Lightning Network without paying fees. Thus, you can judge that it is worth even for small amounts.

Similar to Coingoback, it is also possible to schedule recurring purchases at Bipa, but you must leave a balance ready on the platform. It’s a solution that proves that it doesn’t take much to have a few satoshis in your pocket.

How much would you have if you had started investing in bitcoin earlier?

In the article “Buying Bitcoin Has Been Profitable 99.9% of the Days” we develop all the reasons why DCA is the best way to accumulate bitcoin. But to reinforce it, let’s do a simulation with the BitcoinHodler, a tool created by Brazilian developer Miguel Medeiros.

Starting on January 1, 2018, with a purchase frequency of $1 (currently about BRL 5.22) in bitcoin per week, the result would be $634.08 accumulated in BTC (or about BRL 3,310, 09). A profit of more than 291%, spending no more than 20 reais per month.

Of course, there are risks attached to investing in cryptocurrencies, and past returns are no guarantee of future returns. This text does not represent a purchase recommendation, but enough information to debunk the myth that it takes a lot of money to invest in bitcoin.

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