Nets’ Kyrie Irving to miss Celtics return with a shoulder injury

Kyrie Irving will not be playing in the first matchup of the Brooklyn Nets against his former Boston Celtics team as per official announcements.

He has already missed the last four games due to his right shoulder impingement that Irving suffered in the match against Utah Jazz on the 12th of November. Jenny Atkinson, the coach for the team, revealed that Irving was having none of it until the pain became too much and he could no longer play the game against the Nuggets two days post-injury. This week, Irving has not practiced with his teammates and is seeking daily treatment to improve his shooting ability.

Atkinson said that this injury was not something he could be expected to just play through at the moment. The shoulder for a point guard is the most important part of the body. The coach expects the 27-year old Irving to go through pain-free practices before he joins the team on the court. At this time, his pain tolerance and range of motion are being tested.

Atkinson mentioned that at this point Irving feels like he will soon be in a condition to play, but it will take some time. Irving also has a history of not playing games against his former teams. Since he left the Cavaliers in the 2016-17 season, he has only played Cleveland once.

Nets center DeAndre Jordan spoke to media outlets and said that this is a show that Kyrie plays. He was sure that the fans will miss him playing in Boston, but that some other fans have been maliciously speculating.

On the 29th of November, the Nets will once again be facing the Celtics at the Barclays Center. Here’s wishing Irvin Kyrie a speedy recovery and a good game once he is in shape again!


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