NFL found ‘no evidence’ Mason Rudolph hurled slur at Myles Garrett, reportedly had no sound from brawl

The NFL said that they have not been able to find any evidence that Mason Rudolph, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, hurled a racial slur to Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns defensive end just before their fight broke out at a game last week. One of the reasons that no evidence was found by the NFL to support Myles Garrett’s claim was because there was no recorded sound from the particular game. While the offensive linemen are usually given microphones to amplify the voices of the quarterbacks, it is not recorded for use once the game is over. No cameras were able to capture the sound of the incident.

The NFL referee’s official report and the camera angles were all used to find out whether or not such an incident occurred. Clete Blakeman said that he did not hear a racial slur during the fight. Garrett’s allegation against Rudolph was brought to light when he appealed for the indefinite suspension of the quarterback. In a statement, he mentioned once the suspension was upheld that he knew what he had heard even if there was no evidence to corroborate it.

He was assured that the hearing was granted to him for the opportunity to speak frankly about the incident which led to his suspension. This was not meant to be publically disseminated or used to justify his actions. According to Garrett, this was not an attempt to reconcile his public image.

He also said that he was aware of what he heard. He also admitted that whether or not the comment was out of frustration or ignorance was not known to him, but apologized for his lack of restraint.

Rudolph has explicitly denied using a racial slur at all.

Mason, according to the spokesperson of the Steelers, Burt Lauten, vehemently denies the allegations of him having used a racial slur in Cleveland. He will not be discussing the issue at all and will continue to focus on his game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rudolph’s agent said in a statement that Myles Garrett has falsely asserted that Mason Rudolph used racial slurs against him before swinging his helmet at Mason’s uncovered head. This is an attempt by Garrett to mitigate his suspension. The agent maintained that Garrett did not speak of this incident after the game or before the hearing, and was not mentioned in the apology which the Browns published either, furthering that this was a false allegation and an excuse.

The agent also added that this allegation is unfounded and is an assault on the integrity of Mason which is bound to have tough consequences, tougher than the physical injury he endured. It was called shameful, and reckless.

Rudolph will be fined for his part in the skirmish but no disciplinary action has been announced yet.


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