$71 billion in cryptocurrencies has passed through Malta’s ‘blockchain island’ since 2017

The strategy of Malta becoming a global hub for digital assets appears to be working, although pressure for regulatory oversight has raised concerns about money laundering and other financial crimes. Approximately $71 billion, or 60 billion euros, in cryptocurrencies has flown through Malta since the tiny Mediterranean state first adopted its strategy of “blockchain island” […]

Why Paul Tudor Jones’ Advice for 5% Bitcoin Exposure Is Difficult for Big Funds to Adopt

In an interview with CNBC on June 14, legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones raised the alarm about advancing inflation. After last week’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report showed that US inflation hit a 13-year high, the founder of Tudor Investment defended a 5% Bitcoin portfolio allocation (BTC). Mutual fund companies ranked by assets under management, […]

Altcoins, what are they and which are the most promising?

What are these altcoins? You’ve certainly heard of bitcoin and we’ve already talked about its story here, but what about the other critpocurrencies? Where were they born and what was the first altcoin? In this Novacast episode we’ll unravel the DNA of the main cryptocurrencies on the market and show which altcoins might be worth […]

Bitcoin could reach US$ 450,000 in 2021 and US$ 135,000 in the ‘worst case’, says PlanB

Bitcoin (BTC) could trade at an eye-watering $450,000 by the end of 2021, while $135,000 would be the “worst case”. This is according to analyst PlanB, who on June 20 released his latest bullish prediction for the price of BTC. Bitcoin may reach all-time high in October Well known as the creator of the stock-to-flow […]

Bitcoin could lose $30,000 if stocks plummet, analyst says

The ghost of the stock market crash is back to haunt Bitcoin (BTC). It happened in March 2020. At that time, the prospect of a rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic led to blockage in developed and emerging economies. In turn, global equities tumbled in parallel and Bitcoin lost half its value in just two days. Meanwhile, […]

Ethereum faces higher options expiration and bears seem to dominate the market

Ether (ETH) faces the higher maturity of all-time options on June 25, as nearly $1.5 billion of the $3.3 billion of notional open interest (OI) ETH options will expire. The June expiration has more than 638,000 ETH option contracts in reach, accounting for 45% of the total outstanding contracts on these options. Although it is […]

Trader points out DeFi’s altcoin that could bomb while Bitcoin tests again US$ 40 thousand

Bitcoin (BTC) recently surpassed the US$ 40,000 mark again after nearly 20 days of trying to break the price barrier. However, as soon as it surpassed the brand, the main cryptocurrency in the market failed to keep its value above resistance and fell back below $36,000. However, while the BTC is experiencing a moment of […]

Bitcoin’s “Cross of Death” has arrived, see reasons not to worry

The 50-day moving average (MA-50) line crossed below the 200-day moving average (MA-200), resulting in a bearish cross for bitcoin. Typically, this indicates that a major liquidation is taking place. However, there are plenty of reasons not to worry. The falls in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 were preceded […]

US Fed Negative Outlook Topples Bitcoin Stocks and Market

Bitcoin (BTC) and broader financial markets faced a new wave of sales on June 18, following comments by James Bullard, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of St. Louis, indicating that he expects the first interest rate hike to take place in late 2022. Bullard’s comments were even more violent than […]

OKEx will give more than US$ 20,000 in Dogecoin and USDT in new promotion for Brazilians

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has a new promotion that will give users free cryptoactives in celebration of the launch of its new P2P trading platform. The promotion is aimed at users in Brazil since the company has seen a large movement of national users trading in reais through the implementation of Pix. In total, according to […]