Most Brazilians approve the digital real, but 40% want cryptoactive as the country’s official currency

The access to banking services through fintechs, the popularization of Pix as a preferred instrument for money transfers and the increase in investments in cryptocurrencies prepared the Brazilian population for the implantation of the digital real. A survey recently released by the Capterra software comparison platform, which Cointelegraph Brasil had access to, revealed that for […]

Analyst who spiked Alchemy Pay and repeated with Matic indicates 5 cryptocurrencies that should rise up to 30% in the short term

Although the cryptocurrency market has seen yet another massive drop in the value of Bitcoin (BTC) which has dropped to $52,000, fueling fears of a drop below $50,000 that could drive the price of BTC even below $45,000, analysts remain bullish on the broad cryptocurrency markets. One analyst in particular, Jason Pizzino, pointed out 5 […]

Metaverse currencies outperform Bitcoin in appreciation

A completely new virtual world on the internet called metaverse appears to be the hottest trend in cryptocurrencies this year, trumping even the world’s biggest digital asset – Bitcoin. That’s what the UK research firm’s cryptocurrency indexes show. macro hive, with currencies related to metaverse reaching up to 37,000% this year, against the almost 100% […]

‘We want to be the AWS of cryptocurrencies,’ says Coinbase executive

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) being one of the most popular cloud service providers on the planet, it’s no surprise that Coinbase, an exchanhge of US-based cryptocurrencies, is trying to capitalize on its success by developing its own infrastructure solution in cloud, Coinbase Cloud. “We want to be the AWS of cryptocurrencies”, he said Surojit […]

Star Trek creator’s signature goes where no NFT has gone before: in the DNA

Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry’s signature boldly went where no NFT has ever gone – in the code of life itself. In 1965, Roddenberry signed a contract with Desilu Productions for Lucille Ball to finance Star Trek. On November 30, this signature was transformed into a non-fungible token (NFT) and implanted into the DNA code […]

No metaverse, NTFs or gamecoins, analyst indicates 3 cryptocurrencies to buy focused on smart contracts

After Facebook announced the name of its conglomerate of companies to Meta, the platforms and cryptocurrencies Metaverse-links gained new momentum and became the new hype of the cryptoactive market even surpassing the boom in non-fungible tokens (NFT). However, analysts specializing in cryptocurrencies such as Mike Ermolaev, head of PR of ChangeNOW, point out that both […]

The Sandbox, NittyVille and Grand Land Announce New Lot Sales Including Land by Star Snoop Dog

With metaverse-based games and platforms gaining more and more popularity, avatars, NFTs and items from this ecosystem, such as virtual land, are hitting record prices. Proof of this is that recently a virtual land in the metaverse Decentraland was sold for $2.4 million, a stratospheric valuation since when the game was released in 2018, land […]

Will Google’s competitor project token continue to take off?

Rocket take-off symbolizing the rise of a cryptoactive After hitting an all-time high last week, analysts at Santiment are evaluating whether Brave’s BAT token can continue to take off. Brave is a browser that blocks internet page ads and replaces them with advertisements related to cryptocurrency companies, returning part of the revenue to the user […]

Fidelity Canada Officially Launches ETF and Bitcoin Mutual Fund

On Thursday (2), Fidelity Canada launched officially the exchange-traded fund Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin (ETF) and the ETF Fund Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin (mutual fund), marking the first of these assets to be made available in the country and confirming previous reports on the matter. The funds have the tickers FBTC and FBTC.U, denominated in Canadian and […]

Bitcoin tests traders nerves as analyst reiterates $400,000 price forecast for BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) was in ‘replay’ on Dec. 2 as markets watched another $60,000 attack end in defeat. “Nothing changed” Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro It’s from TradingView showed that the BTC/USD returned to $57,000 on Thursday, closing the circle in 24 hours. The pair briefly hit $59,000 at the Wall Street opening the day before, […]