Roberto Campos Neto reveals that the Central Bank is studying allowing banks to issue stablecoins within the Real Digital system

The president of the Central Bank of Brazil, (BC), Roberto Campos Neto, wove more details about the Real Digital, the Brazilian digital currency that the BC intends to issue from 2022, initially in a trial and proof-of-concept version. Campos Neto presented new details about the national CBDC during a presentation at the MacroDay 2021, event […]

Brazilian artist collection raises R$28.35 million in NFT auction at Art Blocks

The generative art NFT collection “Fragments of an infinite field”, created by Brazilian artist Monica Rizzolli, raised R$28.35 million in an auction at Art Bocks on Monday. In less than an hour, the 1,024 NFTs in the collection were sold through a Dutch auction – the initial bids for a mint of an NFT in […]

Trader invests US$ 500 and profits US$ 200 thousand in just two months trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

A trader, who goes by the name of @RektProof, did well and by investing only US$ 500, he managed to reach US$ 200 thousand in just two months through “The Degen Challenge”, which began in July 2021. The trader documented all your negotiations on your official Twitter account to prove your achievement. “The Degen Challenge”, […]

Baleia transfers more than BRL 10 billion in bitcoin paying BRL 4.20 in fees

Whales represent users with lots of bitcoins. Photo: An anonymous bitcoin address moved more than R$10 billion in BTC and paid a tiny fee on Monday night. Although 44598 BTC were moved, a mere fee of 0.00001713 BTC was incurred – in the amount of approximately R$4.20. THE average transaction fee Bitcoin reached more […]

US President Joe Biden Announces Candidates for Key CFTC Positions

Chairman Joe Biden has hired the interim chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Rostin Behnam, to assume his role on a permanent basis and two others to fill the commissioner’s vacancies. In an announcement on Monday (13) from the White House, President Biden he said who planned to name Behnam – who has […]

Bitcoin bull rally could be underway with ‘exhausted’ bears selling at a loss

The Bitcoin Bears (BTC) are “exhausted” and even selling at a loss this week, confirm recent data. On a tweet on Tuesday, Philip Swift, an analyst at trading platform Decentrader, noted an ongoing uptrend in the profit on product spent index (SOPR). Bitcoin bears flee the FUD SOPR, a classic metric for determining oversold periods […]

Brasileiro creates the country’s first cryptocurrency reality show

The Brazilian cryptocurrency youtuber, Rodrix Digital, announced the creation of the first reality show focused exclusively on the cryptoactive market in Brazil. Called “Blockchainers – Surfing the Blockchain Wave”, the program will have a format similar to others like the Shark Tank and, therefore, will be composed of 3 teams formed, each one, by a […]

Analyst indicates 5 cryptocurrencies that could rise 230% while the cryptoactive market is down

Bitcoin (BTC) is going through a moment of falling in value, considered a natural correction for some analysts like the Brazilian Rudá Pellini, co-founder of Wise&Trust. According to him, there will be more volatility in the price of Bitcoin in the short term and that new investors need to understand that this is part of […]

12 years later, first purchase of bitcoin is imitated with price 4,800,000,000% higher

Michael Saylor “repeats” historic purchase of 5050 BTC. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images. The first known dollar sale of bitcoin was made by Martti Malmi about 12 years ago. At the time, the first developer to help Satoshi with Bitcoin code sold 5050 BTC for 5.02 dollars. This Monday (13), businessman Michael Saylor announced the purchase […]

Litecoin price rises 35% after Walmart adoption rumor

The price of Litecoin (LTC) rose to more than $237 on Monday morning (13) after erroneous reports from major news outlets that US retailer Walmart was introducing a cryptocurrency payment option on all of its e-commerce sites. CNBC, Reuters, Decrypt and others reported on Monday that Walmart planned to have a “Pay with Litecoin Option” […]