In the week Bitcoin hit a new all-time high, game tokens stole the attention of Brazilians

Bitcoin (BTC) has just registered a new historic high, Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) are almost there, but the attention of the Brazilian crypto community was mostly focused on little-known NFT game tokens with low market capitalization. The data are from list of the most popular tokens in Brazil from the CoinGecko cryptocurrency market information […]

If bitcoin doesn’t need banks, should I buy bitcoin ETFs? –

The launch of the first US Bitcoin ETF, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (ticker: BITO) helped propel bitcoin to new all-time highs. This was a milestone for the asset management industry, further integrating Bitcoin into traditional finance. A big question raised this week was whether it’s worth buying a bitcoin ETF, especially one that is […]

Bitcoin extends the fix as Ethereum sees ‘perfect rejection’ in historical highs

Bitcoin (BTC) hopped close to $60,000 on Oct 22 after the biggest altcoin, Ether (ETH), failed to cement new all-time highs. 1h BTC/USD (Bitstamp) chart. Source: TradingView ETH’s historical top? blink and you will miss The data of the Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView ETH/USD matches their record $4,380 on Bitstamp before seeing a severe […]

Bitcoin bulls expected to make a profit of $830 million after Friday’s BTC options expire

Two or three weeks ago, when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading below $52,000, a trader who bet $65,000 on October 22 would have been considered extremely optimistic. The fact that 98% of the put options for Bitcoin weekly options expire on October 22nd have been placed below that price proves this to be true. Moving into […]

Token GASBitcoin is announced in honor of the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’, but supposed representative of GAS Consultoria threatens creators

A token in honor of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, began to be released on Wednesday night through a site and from a group in the Telegram instant messaging application. On Thursday morning, the Cointelegraph Brasil newsroom received an email with the following title: “GASBitcoin started its project yesterday”. When I opened […]

Analyst who hit the nail on the head that cryptocurrencies would rise 40% in September now points to 6 cryptoactives to buy in November

After the approval and release of the Bitcoin ETF (BTC) of the ProShares opening yet another gateway for investors around cryptocurrencies, it has practically become consensus among analysts that the next BTC price target is $100,000. To Ray Nasser, CEO of Arthur Mining, the bitcoin ETF operating on the NYSE makes way for better quality […]

Bitcoin developer after 8 years and warns: “legal risk is increasing”

Jonas Schnelli started contributing to Bitcoin development in 2013 and since 2015 has been working all day with the cryptocurrency, but today he said goodbye and gave an alert to the community. The developer has worked on several projects related to Bitcoin Core, the main Bitcoin software, including releases for Apple computers running ARM. “I […]

80% of Brazilians no longer want to use money and 93% would adopt Real Digital

The Brazilian consumer is enthusiastic about a future free from the use of physical money for payments, at least that’s what the “Third Wave of Fintech Innovation” survey, conducted by PayPal. According to the worldwide payments network study, shared with Cointelegraph, Overall, 79% of Brazilian respondents said they liked the idea of ​​not having to […]

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, says he ‘invested too little’ in Bitcoin

Like Bitcoin (BTC) set a new all-time record of over $67,000, PayPal co-founder and billionaire speculator Peter Thiel said he should have bought more Bitcoin. Thiel spoke about cryptocurrencies, central banks and artificial intelligence during an interview in Miami hosted by the Lincoln Network policy studies center, informed to Bloomberg on Wednesday. “You should just […]

Altcoins take the next upturn as the total capitalization of the crypto market reaches $2.63 trillion

The cryptocurrency markets are in an absolute state of euphoria after Bitcoin (BTC) took an offer and hit a new $67,000 historic top. Raising Bitcoin to $67,000 has also helped generate double-digit gains for several altcoins, as the old adage that high tide lifts all boats seems to be in full force. Top 7 coins […]