Senator calls for end of printed vaccination wallet and creation of a digital version with blockchain

A Bill submitted to the Federal Senate asks the Ministry of Health to adopt a blockchain record of all vaccines given in the country.

Thus, PL 5190 by Senator Acir Gurgacz (PDT / RO) intends to amend Law No. 6,259, of October 30, 1975, which provides for the National Immunization Program, to determine the electronic record of the history of vaccinations administered in public and private health services and to ensure that users have access to this information.

So, at the Senator’s request, the Ministry of Health would have to create a Digital ID for each Brazilian citizen and link in this ID the registration of immunizations that this person had access, both in SUS and in private clinics, throughout life.

“The Unified Health System (SUS) will maintain a digital platform with individualized electronic records of the history of vaccinations administered in public and private health services, accessible to the user, which should allow: I – the integration and interoperability of its databases of data, ensuring the security and confidentiality of information through the use of solutions based on distributed database technology or blockchain; “, highlights the PL.


Also according to the PL the registration in blockchain would also end up transforming the famous “Vaccination Card”, press into a digital model that could even be consulted by third parties with the user’s permission.

“(…) the issuance of an electronic vaccination card and Certificate of Vaccination; III – the reading of personal data, by the person himself or by third parties, through authorization by means of a password; IV – the production of reports and statistics, with results expressed in anonymized data; V – the issuing of alerts and notifications for carrying out vaccinations and other types of public interest campaigns related to the vaccination of the population “, he concludes.

According to the Senator, the National Immunization Program (PNI) is considered the largest public vaccination program in the world and it was decisive to eradicate several endemic diseases in the country, such as polio and measles.

In addition, Gurgacz states that more than three hundred million doses of vaccines are applied annually within the scope of the PNI.

However, the Senator points out that proof of a vaccination is done in printed form and that it no longer meets the population’s demand for the digitalization and modernization of public systems and services.

“Law No. 6,259, of 1975, establishes that compliance with the mandatory vaccinations must be proven by means of a vaccination certificate (VA) issued by public health services or by doctors in the exercise of private activities. Currently, VA is provided in writing to patients, on paper, being affixed to the vaccination card, however, we understand that this type of proof is obsolete, in view of technological advances and the intensive use of digital communication tools in people’s daily lives. the vaccination card ends up being lost, so that the record of the vaccines received is lost. “, he says.

Blockchain scanning

Therefore, the Senator asks that the information of all vaccines applied to the patient be registered and made available for consultation on a digital platform.

“This electronic environment will serve, therefore, as a digital vaccination card and, even, it will be able to issue the electronic AV when necessary”, he justifies.

In addition, according to the Senator, the Ministry of Health could aggregate its data on the digital platform “Connect SUS”.

The application is already available for both computers and smartphones, and allows the patient to consult his medical history, medication dispensing, test results, vaccines received, among other health information and use of public services of health.

“In addition, we consider it essential that the data contained on the digital platform can also be used by different applications, guaranteeing their security and confidentiality through the use of blockchain technology. Additionally, it is important that this tool has the function of informing about vaccinations and other campaigns related to the population’s immunization “, he states.

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