Facebook Might Create Custom Operating System to Replace Android

Facebook Might Create Custom Operating System to Replace Android

For years, Facebook has been stuck with his only product, the website. Bit since its expansion into the hardware with Portal & Oculus, Facebook has eventually grown to use the modified version of Android on both devices, making it dependent on both Google and the Android open source project. According to the latest update from […]

Ghostery launches Midnight for privacy and ad-blocking beyond the browser

Ghostery launches Midnight for privacy and ad-blocking beyond the browser

A New Update speaks of the new tool called “Midnight”, launched by Ghostery. This tool is designed to bring the company’s ad-blocking as well as privacy protection features available to all the desktop applications. It was earlier this year when Ghostery announced Midnight. The company created this Midnight tool because the desktop apps especially email […]

New Apple Music subscribers receiving six months of service for free

Apple has newly acquired Shazam and is now trying to boost its popularity among the youngsters. The company is based out of Cupertino. As of now, it is offering a free six month trial to all subscribers who have joined Apple Music through the Shazam Application. This offer is due to continue on till Cyber […]

Huawei MatePad Pro announced with top-end specs to rival the iPad Pro

It may seem at times like Apple is the only brand that takes tablets seriously, but Huawei is here to show that this is not the case. With the announcement of the MatePad Pro, Huawei has entered the league of tablets. The announcement stated that the specs of the device include a 10.8 inch 1600 […]

 OnePlus reveals its second website data breach in two years

OnePlus revealed in 2018 that they had lost about 40,000 users’ credit card information in a massive data breach. Now it is informing users that they have suffered another such breach. This time, the website is at the heart of the breach and the company claims that no payment information has been compromised. However, they […]

Facebook built a facial recognition app for employees

Facebook, which has been under fire because of privacy concerns, said Thursday it built an internal app that allowed employees to identify their colleagues and friends who enabled facial recognition. Anonymous sources have claimed that the application was developed in 2016 and 2016 but was discontinued. A version of this app could work to identify any person on […]

Facebook dating integrates with Instagram and Facebook Stories

Facebook Dating is an opt-in feature on the Facebook application. It will now be tapping into the content that is being created by users across Facebook and Instagram in a bid to enhance the experience. Facebook Dating users will now be able to add their Facebook and Instagram stories to the service and will be […]

One UI 2.0 beta 5 update hitting Galaxy S10 as S9 and Note 9 get ready to join beta program

Within a week of releasing the fourth One UI 2.0 beta version, Samsung has put out another version for the Galaxy 10. Per usual, a few fixes have made their way through, and the beta program is winding down as the list of things that need to be fixed gets smaller. Samsung has made an […]

Apple fixes more weird bugs with new iOS 13.2.3 update

Apple is now set to release its iOS and iPad 13.2.3 update today which will rectify numerous issues pertaining to the release of the infamous iOS 13. An issue had crept up with regard to the Spotlight system search feature which began crashing for a number of customers in the last month or so. After […]

Huawei’s foldable Mate X smartphone goes on sale in China

A foldable smartphone has made it to the market besides the Galaxy Fold, but it is only available in China. Huawei has begun to sell the Mate X through the Vmall online store. The cost of the phone is 16,999 yuan, which amounts to about $2,400 in the USA. The phone is a unique 5-G […]