Trader indicates Bitcoin and 9 other cryptocurrencies to buy and keep in your wallet

Bitcoin (BTC) has risen more than 20% in the last 4 days and once again the expectation of a rise in the cryptoactive market has risen since the main cryptocurrency in the market has left for behind the low that pushed the BTC below $30,000 and retested hard the $40,000 resistance.

So, in this moment of expectation and anxiety to hit the timing of the cryptoactives that will accompany Bitcoin in this recovery, the trader and analyst Tyler Swope has indicated the 10 cryptocurrencies he intends to keep waiting for the appreciation and the return of high volatility to the market.

So, in a new video, Swope highlights that one of the cryptocurrencies he intends to keep is Chainlink (LINK) which, as revealed, currently represents 24% of its portfolio.

So the second expert indication is the Non-Fungible Token Project (NFT) Alchemist (MIST). Swope says that in October he had zero exposure to MIST, but that has changed as he says the Small cap cryptocurrency has a lot of upside potential and now makes up 20% of its portfolio.

The third cryptocurrency in Swope’s TOP 10 is Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency on the market.

According to the analyst, he increased his participation in Bitcoin from 17% to 19% because, according to him, the BTC should obtain a strong recovery which will also boost the altcoin market, however, as in previous cycles, the rise of ‘alts’ is always higher than that of the BTC.


After Bitcoin, the fourth cryptocurrency indicated by the expert is the Ethereum (ETH), which Swope notes has risen from US$375 in October to over US$2,000 and therefore has a potential for even greater growth, however, as does Bitcoin the ETH has a high ceiling and other altcoins offer more promising opportunities.

That’s why he ranks in fifth place the Unibright cryptocurrency (UBT) that he scores has recently increased by more than 300% and, as it is a small-cap cryptoactive, it still has greater upside potential when investors discover the asset’s potential.

In sixth place is the Energy Web Token (EWT), a utility token for the energy sector. Swope notes that the EWT dropped from $6.92 in October to $5.20 this month, representing an 18% decline, and would have hit rock bottom with this fall, raising expectations for an exponential rally. .

Seventh on Swope’s list is Kusama (KSM), a restricted cryptocurrency for Polkadot (DOT) projects.

“Kusama on October 16th was sitting at $29.50. As of yesterday, [é] $181.21, an increase of 514%. We have to keep active because the charts signal that it can do much more,” he said.


In eighth place is Sora (XOR), an autonomous economy platform that decentralizes the concept of central banking and, therefore, can bring great potential to the universe of decentralized finance (DeFi).

The ninth cryptocurrency indicated by the trader is the Rocket Pool (RPL) protocol, which went from a low of US$ 2.92 to a high of US$ 11.92, an increase of 286%.

The latest cryptocurrency indicated by the trader is the REN protocol which, although having dropped 11% since October 16, has a potential for recovery as Bitcoin begins to dictate a new high pace for the entire cryptoactive market.


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Thomas Miles

Cryptocurrency is the most recently discovered currency which will be likely at the help of modernization across the next few decades. With a limited control from the government, the crypto market is independent of many features of a sound market as we know it. Thomas brings these stories to us by weaving them into articles of general importance to all those looking at the fluctuations in the market, or new entries. Thomas is also the founder of Bulletin Bits and is an excellent leader. His leadership is the kind that makes him the most knowledgeable and experienced on the team. His wonderful work ethic and attitude are worthy of imitation!

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