US Citizen Accepting Bitcoin for Narcotics Indicted by DOJ

US Citizen Accepting Bitcoin for Narcotics Indicted by DOJ

A US citizen has been indicted for selling drugs in exchange for bitcoin on the dark web. This Thursday, as DOJ (Department of Justice) mentioned, Joanna De Alba of Tijuana, Mexico was arraigned in the federal court of Brooklyn, New York for both selling and disbursement of drugs.

“Allegedly, De Alba was convicted for dispensing heroin and methamphetamine from the dark web of the internet believing that it provided anonymity to both her as well as her customers,” Richard P.Donoghue, DOJ Attorney said, adding, “A bright light has been shined on her activities, and she will now be held to account for her charged criminal acts.”

As per the reports, Under the pseudonym “RaptureReloaded”, she, Joanna De Alba was allegedly selling the narcotics on the dark web marketplace wall street Market from June 2018 to May 2019. All the customers were using encrypted email for the purchase of Narcotics in exchange for bitcoin from De Alba. De Alba, according to the Department of Justice, a person who marketed various levels of anonymity for packages that were sent to the U.S. like “Better Stealth”, “Super Stealth 360”, “Basic Stealth”.

In an undercover operation in January 2019, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) successfully bought 40 grams of drugs from De Alba in exchange for $2,000 worth of bitcoin. After they placed the order, it was delivered to Queens, New York.

This was not all, DEA also intercepted the 5 international packages shipped from the Netherlands as well as Canada containing narcotics addressed to Joanna De Alba’s deceased husband in Southern California. As per the DOJ, De Alba had allegedly employed her partner’s identity along with the credit cards for the transactions since his death in March 2018.

DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Ray Donovan said, “Anonymity is what drug dealers rely on in the dark web, but this case proves it’s false security. Law enforcement is committed to tracking down drug traffickers’ distribution networks everywhere.”

If De Alba is convicted of these charges, she is accounted for 5-100 years of prison arrest.


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